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Page Titles, Heading Tags, and Product Names

internet strategy
by Zac Fair, Web Designer
June 6th, 2015

Titles play an important role in how search engines find pages to be delivered to the searcher. Just like any other written medium, they describe the content beneath them, giving a concise look into what the page, or article may be about. This is one of the most important factors of SEO. Title's must be relevant to the content underneath them, and should be relevant to the general page category as well.

There are different types of titles worth knowing:

  • Page Title: Shows in the internet browsers top bar. Set in the meta title tag.
  • URL: Shows in the url field of browser:
  • H1: The page title describing all content of a page. In wordpress this is the main title at the top of each post, page or product you create.
  • H2: Secondary Titles: Similar to a chapter, or section of the page
  • H3: Sub heading of the page section titles
  • H4,H5,H6 These are used to give added weight to important text

Product Descriptions should provide more insight on products than just your simple title tag. This is where you provide all the details you can about each individual product, so when someone looks for it on the internet, you are the first to come up! A secondary piece of text can be used to describe the brand which can be used across all of your products in the category. Product descriptions are an excellent way to take advantage of adding in your main keywords which you are targeting. This is to be done at the last paragraph of each page. A completed example of a product description:

Koko 187 Frames
Optical Distance: 83-34-34
Available colours: Blue, Green, Red

These Koko Eyeglasses are of the highest quality and built to not only look amazing, but last. The strong carbon fiber material ensures the perfect amount of flex, while holding its shape.

Uniflex Optics is a wholesale supplier of designer eye wear and prescription frames in Canada. We ship worldwide from Mission, BC. Orders can be filled through our online catalog.

Note: By enabling comments, reviews and adding specifications, you are likely to increase the chance of someone around the globe looking for your particular product.

Page Content works in a similar way to product descriptions. The #1 purpose of your webpage is to provide the best user experience and information possible. Writing naturally and truthfully will generally lead to your keywords being included, and is important to write as such, but with some strategy you can gain the maximum amount of exposure on search engines. For example, your promotions page should include a title such as “Sales on Designer Eye wear”, with a paragraph describing the types of eyeglasses, what the sale is, and when it goes until. In doing so, reference your keywords sheet and make sure to include your most sought after phrase.

Many of these things talked about here are a laborious activity that takes time. If you want to be sure that your SEO and Website Design gets done right the first time, get in touch and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a quote. Tuun Web Design is located in Victoria, BC, where we serve Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland with our creative digital services.