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Local Business Web Page Design Tips

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by Zac Fair, Web Designer
June 5th, 2015
Web Site Design

Some of the most important aspects of a local businesses web page are often overlooked by designers during the building process.

Phone Number - Call us!

There is no better call to action than a bolded phone number on every page of your site. If the ultimate goal of your business is to drive buying traffic to your location, then a quick informative phone call will send the correct customers through your doors. Make this number easy to read, and readily available, so people don't lose interest and move on to your competitors page!

Where are you located?

You might find it strange that 80% of local business webpages do not have their location in the heading. This is so essential in letting your customers know that they have in fact arrived at a business in their region - one that they can visit. For example, if you are looking for a local website design agency in Vancouver, it would be re-assuring to see that the business has the city located right on the landing page, meaning that they will be dealing locally, and may invest more time into researching potentially dealing with this company. You may be losing leads due to this one mistake!


People are after information, right down to the little details. Do you accept credit cards? Change rooms in house? What brands do you carry? Where is your coffee brewed? What are your hours, prices, options, sizes!? All of these details are useful to have on a webpage, in a clear and easy to follow manner. Generally, the footer of a page is a good spot to keep general business information, such as hours, address, phone number, as well as links to other key informational sections of your site. In the heading, you should list your city, address, phone number and business name, an instant description of what your service is. This may be a photo, video, or 1 sentence tagline. Make this short, easy to understand, and descriptive.

Keep it fresh!

Using a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress can allow you to quickly and easily add fresh content to your page. Every time you have a sale, special event, or other news, you can let your visitors know by posting it online. This can also act as a landing pad for certain types of additional promotions.

Don't Forget about SEO

With a little bit of care when building content for your local business web site, you set the stage to reap the benefits of being found in the search engines for your industry. Make sure that your first paragraph is full of descriptive information about your business, primarily, products/ services, genre, city/region/community, and any other key words or phrases you are trying to target in the search engines.

Mobile Friendly - Absolutely Essential to local business

80% of Canadian don't leave home without their mobile device. People are constantly browsing the internet on their mobile devices for product information, reviews, locations - all the stuff that you are looking to get found for. If your webpage is not mobile friendly, in 2015, google may start to penalize you in the search rankings. Not only this, but a visitor to your site might have such a hard time navigating your page on their mobile, that they will simply choose the competition instead.

Tuun Builds Builds Web Sites for the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island

As a local web design company, we truly care about the success of our clients, just as if they were our neighbours. If you are looking to build an online presense, or take yours to the next level, view our services for more details.